LESGO is a parallel pseudo-spectral large-eddy simulation code.

LESGO solves the filtered Navier-Stokes equations in the high-Reynolds number limit on a Cartesian mesh. Originally designed to simulate flow in the atmospheric boundary layer, LESGO has been extended and used to simulate flow over tree canopies, wall-mounted cubes, and wind turbine arrays, among other things. At its core is the LES flow solver. Built on top of the solver are modules that provide additional functionality such as immersed boundary methods, wind farm modeling, and so on.

LESGO was originally based on the code presented in John D. Albertson’s PhD Thesis “Large eddy simulation of land-atmosphere interaction” (University of California, Davis 1996). In the intervening years, many researchers have contributed to LESGO’s code base and used LESGO in dozens of scientific publications.

If you use LESGO for any purpose, please cite appropriately.

LESGO is distributed without any warranty or technical support.


Getting started

To get started, download the code using the buttons on the left. You’ll need a modern Fortran compiler that supports C preprocessor directives, CMake, and FFTW3.


LESGO is a free, open-source tool published under the GNU General Public License Version 3


Development of LESGO has been supported in part by the National Science Foundation.